Who can join UN SDSN Mediterranean
Membership to UN SDSN Mediterranean is free and open to universities, research institutions, foundations, and other networks and organizations. Members should demonstrate extended expertise in one or more areas related to sustainable development and commit a substantial amount of their own work towards finding and/or implementing solutions for sustainable development in the Mediterranean region.

Why join UN SDSN Mediterranean
By becoming a member of  UN SDSN Mediterranean, you will join a unique network of problem solvers and contribute to practical solutions for sustainable development. We will work together to support:

  1. Global Discussions on Sustainable Development
  2. Local, National and Regional Problem Solving for Sustainable Development
  3. Educational Initiatives for Sustainable Development (MOOCs)
  4. Applied Research and Communication for Sustainable Development

Reasons for joining the UN SDSN Mediterranean are described in our factsheet:

Join the SDSN – Benefits of Membership

also available in French

Les avantages de l’adhésion.

The bylaws for UN SDSN members are available here.

How to apply
To join UN SDSN Mediterranean please fill out a request for membership form (also available in French) and email it to info@unsdsn.org with simone.cresti@unisi.it in cc. Please note that in order to be considered for membership to UN SDSN Mediterranean, you must check only the box corresponding to Regional UN SDSN Mediterranean, hosted by the University of Siena, Italy in the request for membership form. Please also note that the checkbox feature of the form only works on a PC (not Mac).

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. The Executive Committee of the SDSN Leadership Council periodically reviews incoming applications and will notify new members as soon as a decision is made. Please note that the application process is handled by the New York and Paris SDSN office, in conjunction with UN SDSN Mediterranean Secretariat, which may express its endorsement for your application. For this reason the whole process, from submission to final decision, may last for up to several months. We appreciate your understanding and patience.

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact us at simone.cresti@unisi.it