MOOC “Sustainable Food Systems: a Mediterranean Perspective”

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SDSN is launching the first MOOC on Agro-Food challenges in the Mediterranean Area for the promotion of Sustainable Development and the SDGs.

See the trailer:

Mooc “Sustainable Food Systems: a Mediterranean Perspective”
Open for Enrollment
Term: On Demand

This course discusses the challenges and opportunities of the agricultural sector in the Mediterranean basin. It summarizes global-to-local challenges related to achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG); outlines the history and culture of agriculture and its main characteristics with a focus on the “Mediterranean diet”; explains agricultural data with a focus on rural development models and value creation; explores EU policy frameworks and international agreements related to food and agriculture in the Mediterranean; and highlights emerging opportunities linked to innovation and sustainability in the sector.

This course is for:
> Students at the undergraduate or graduate level interested in the main challenges facing the Mediterranean region;
> Current and future practitioners in the agriculture, food and beverage sectors who wish to gain useful insights about current and future trends and business opportunities;
> Policymakers and regional stakeholders who want to deepen their knowledge of agricultural policy, investment, and decisionmaking in the region and globally.

How do we produce more, better quality, and safer food while simultaneously achieving social and environmental goals?